Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Alaskan Adventure for Women's Basketball Alum Pratt

After completing her playing career as a Lumberjack and graduating from NAU in the spring, Katie Pratt embarked on an Alaskan excursion and is working on a boat in Ketchikan. The parks and recreation management major from Salina, Kans. checks in with the Lumberjack Talk blog about her experiences in The Last Frontier.  

Hello friends! So I am living in Ketchikan, Alaska for the summer working as a naturalist on a boat that takes cruise ship passengers out to the Misty Fjords National Monument wilderness area. I have been living here in Alaska for almost two months and will be here until mid September. I am absolutely loving pretty much everything about this area, and I say pretty much because of the weather. Ketchikan is the wettest city in the US, averaging about 13 feet of rain per year, being in a rainforest and all! I am definitely a sunshine type of girl, so this has been hard for me.

Other than that, everything has been wonderfully crazy. It's for sure a different way of life here, especially when anywhere from 2 to 5 cruise ships pull into Ketchikan and thousands of people from all over the world file off the boat into this little town of about 8,000 residents within the city limits. It is such a weird concept to grasp. So my typical day as a naturalist consists of hanging out with these people from all over the world on a boat that takes them out to Misty Fjords. During this is time, I am giving them information about Ketchikan, surrounding islands of the Inside Passage, and fun facts about wildlife, the national monument itself, and whatever else comes up on our trip. I have already seen tons of humpback whales, orcas, porpoises, eagles, and I saw my first black bear and her cub just the other day! Misty Fjords is so spectacular with its cliffs, mountains, and waterfalls, that I cannot believe that this is my "job".

Some other adventures I have been on here include adventure karting, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, and I am going to go ziplining soon as well! The Ketchikan people are awesome and I am loving all the fresh, yummy sea food! I mean, this is the salmon capital of the world, and I have also eaten lots of crab and halibut. We don't have this quality of sea food in Kansas or Arizona that’s for sure. That's all I have for you for now but look up Misty Fjords pictures and though they do not do justice, it will give you a better idea of what I am talking about and how truly lucky and blessed I am for this opportunity!

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